Religion and Politics

when *stuff like this is circulated rather than empirical evidence…

The Harbinger became a New York Times best-seller the first week of its release in early 2012 and has been

Religion and Politics

The Greatness of Christianity

Ignatius of Antioch, in writing to the church in Rome, concludes a passage with the thought, “Christianity is greatest when


I should’ve had John Hagee write the forward to From Fear to Faith

Why? Of course, he corrects himself… Wouldn’t want anyone to know that by rejecting Fear (fundamentalism) you are embracing Faith.

Religion and Politics

John Hagee on Why we are Losing a Ground War in Asia

Obviously, Pastor John hasn’t seen the Princess Bride… It’s not Satanism, John, it’s just the way things are… I mean


Thoughts on Biblical Justice and Poverty.

Some random, oft times in-coherent thoughts on biblical justice and poverty. This post does not do justice to the issue