John Calvin on the Holiness of the Church of Jesus Christ

Never I fan of Calvin, I am reading Stroup’s Calvin (Abingdon Press, Pillars of Theology Series) and noticed a comment


In the Mail: Plethora Edition

Today, I have received my fair share of books to review:


Why I’m a Calminian

I was always Arminian, but lately I have developed a taste for what I might call corporate Calvinism, in that

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Am I that Depraved that I am a Calvinist?

This is the second day, the second quiz, that has slightly alluded to the fact that I may have Calvinistic

Society and Religion

My Only Post on John Calvin – Calvinism and Communism

Frankly, I am not going to take the time to write a post on John Calvin. (Dr. West is writing


Divorce and Remarriage from Augustine to Zwingli

I am posting this for two reasons – one, because of an ongoing conversation about the Catholic practice of annulment


The Five Articles of the Remonstrance

I have not posted anything specifically Arminian in a long time, but I cam across this article and thought it


Michael Servetus – On the Errors of the Trinity

The below was taken from here. I will beginning discussing this shortly. On the Errors of the Trinity Seven Books