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An Introduction to Mark Galli

In 2009, Mockingbird had an exclusive interview with ]]. I am fearful of posting too much on Galli as a


John Calvin’s Views on Worship

Thought of you may enjoy this. Frankly, if your worship isn’t theological, is it really worship? The great danger the


Calvin on Romans 13

The reason why we ought to be subject to magistrates is, because they are constituted by God’s ordination. For since


Calvin on 1st Thessalonians 4.17

To those who have been once gathered to Christ he promises eternal life with him, by which statements the reveries


The Question of Infant Baptism: John Calvin on Circumcision and Baptism

Image via Wikipedia 11. Certainly, if circumcision was a literal sign, the same view must be taken of baptism, since,


Calvin and the Christological Councils – Why not the Council of 381?

Payton made the note that John Calvin, during his discussion on Christology left out the 2nd Ecumenical Council (p155). Payton


Calvin on the Son of God

Divinity and humanity: Certainly those who imagine that the Son of God was exempt from human passions do not truly


Calvin, Luther and Melanchthon believed Geocentricity?

In the words of our next President, ‘you betcha’! (with a wink) As Scott notes, Luther called Copernicus an “upstart