ignorant laity (a quote by John Calvin)

I believe in icons, but I think that using them in the place of sound teaching produces idol worshipers. If we read


Anselm v. Calvin

The Church has never taken an official stance on what exactly it was that Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection accomplished


Protestant Double Talk?

DOUBLE TALK? Reason with me for a second: We Protestants, giving honor to our name protest against relics, the preservation

John Wesley

What did John Wesley say of Calvinism?

My good friend John has made mention of something I found rather interesting. I’ve tried to find the original publication


Quick Thoughts on Calvin, Quickly….

I am no fan of John Calvin, namely for both of aforementioned infamous actions (the murder of Servetus and the


Mark Driscoll just called John Calvin a sissy @pastormark

Umm… well… you see… Mark noted the robes wore by Church leaders in Britain (vestments too, but I suspect that he


Happy 502nd Birthday, John

As Karl Marx waited for the cold hand of death, he noted that whatever people would call him, don’t let


John Calvin on Habakkuk’s Questioning of God to God about God

1.1 – What the Prophet understood by the word asm, mesha, has been elsewhere stated. Habakkuk then reproves here his