Religion and Politics

@SpeakerBoehner and the Myth of the American Judicial System

“Nothing dissolves the bonds between the people and their government like the arrogance of power here in Washington, and that’s

Religion and Politics

Speaker Boehner and Pope Francis

I am not/am a raging liberal/am not are so am not. Stop it! Anyway, this morning John Boehner said that

Religion and Politics

The drought? That’s the President’s fault

Obama, “continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself,” reads a release from Boehner’s office posted online and distributed

Religion and Politics

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Stands Against Boehner Bill

If this was truly a Christian nation… then wouldn’t leaders such as Boehner listen to their Church’s teachings (warning, pdf)?

Religion and Politics

*political post: Boehner, and me, and you, and everyone else is being blackmailed by the Tea Party

You know most of my politics, no doubt, but I try to refrain from getting involved, via the blog, with

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Question of the Day: Listening

We are moving along with the this book, sometimes spending two weeks on a chapter. This week, the chapter was