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that time I visited Joel & Victoria Osteen’s church

A lot of folks are sharing that Al Mohler article rebuking Victoria Osteen for her and her husband’s bad theology.


in defense of victoria osteen

Have you seen the video, with the apocryphal ending (like Job or Esther) that makes it better? This is what


Quote of the Day – Bryan Bibb

If people really knew the Bible, con-men like Joel Osteen and Ken Ham would be out of business. – Bryan

Christian Education

Are you finding intellectual enjoyment in the Church?

Because of reading several polls on why people are leaving the Church, I’ve maintained for a while part of the


A breath of fresh air from Joel Osteen on homosexuality

Some pastors preach that homosexuality is the worst sin, and seemingly that gays will cause the end of civilization as

“Joel Osteen you need to repent”

Street preaching to Joel Osteen. “Turn to Jesus Christ sir, while you can. Joel Osteen, you need to repent. You


Joel Osteen v. Jonathan Edwards


If I was dying and walked into your Church

That is why I will stick to the Word of God – it was good enough Christ, it was good