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Michael Scott on Nepotism

“When God needed help on earth, who did he hire? His son Jesus Christ”. Michael Scott, The Office.


A thought about the OT law.

It’s interesting that Jesus used King David a lot as an example for breaking the Jewish Law about washing hands,

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Someone reminded me tonight that Mary gave birth to the humanity of Jesus, not the divinity of Jesus since Jesus

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Jesus isn’t a theory

God reveals Himself to us, He doesn’t give us theories. Salvation is not found in a theory – Salvation is

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The Grace of Jesus


Did Mary follow the Law? (Catholic doctrine)

Jesus fulfilled the Law, and the Law ended by His death and rising. Jesus was sinless and the only one


Overemphasizing Adam

Let me start off with what I’m not saying. I’m not saying that Adam is unimportant. With that out of


Does Basis need Cause?

The Basis of Salvation: “This point needs to be fully and clearly grasped: salvation is only and always through the