2750 Year Old Temple Found near Jerusalem?

Archaeologists have uncovered a 2,750-year-old temple near Jerusalem, along with pottery and clay figurines that suggest the site was the home


1st Maccabees – The Stand – Repost 2012

Image via Wikipedia This is a repost, as are the other ones from Hanukkah. This one has been amended, however,

Religion and Politics

Obama insists on God restored to the DNC platform – Why? #dnc2012

The floor of the Democratic National Convention erupted Wednesday over a sudden move to restore to the platform a reference


2nd Temple artifacts flushed

Have the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality buried treasures from the Second Temple under a giant lavatory? That possibility

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 2 – Analysis

Psalm 2 – A Psalm, Pertaining to Salomon, Concerning Ierousalem Psalm 2 is the verdict of the judicial reviewing of


Dr. Robert Cargill – The Holy City, Jerusalem

Dr. Cargill writes, i have begun posting clips from my jerusalem, the holy city class on youtube. you can see


Time with Nehemiah – Renewal

The Walls were finished; a civilian ruled Jerusalem; people were coming back to the City. It was time to celebrate.


Time with Nehemiah – They Settle In