Revelation with a ‘pre-Christian’ core?

James Tabor writes – In the references below I have put these interpolative elements bold italicized brackets. This exercise strongly


What can you buy with enough money?

Title$, position$… and the revi$ion of hi$tory. First, note this post… Hilarious. If you’ve followed the Simcha/Tabor fiasco, you’ll note

Society and Religion


It has been shared in numerous venues, but Father Puech, a research giant in the Dead Sea Scrolls and latest


Tabor, Jacobovici, and deception? Feudal Academia

Daniel concludes, in part… It should be needless to say, but the title of Tabor’s blog post is entirely deceptive.

Society and Religion

Jim still isn’t convinced Simcha and Tabor are correct

And should he be. As much as some like Tabor, many people he is following a conman, er, conperson in


Is Tabor right? Did Paul know/invent the Virgin Birth?

These legendary stories from Greco-Roman culture may well have contributed to accounts of Jesus’ miraculous birth in Matthew and Luke

Society and Religion

How Bayem’s Theorem and the Talpiot Tomb merged

I just thought with the pseudos popping up, this was funny: We analyze the Talpiot tomb, which has been alleged


Could it be that Simcha is wrong? Could it be?

I’d say yes. Maybe it’s me, but I’m funny about words. In terms of your work, April, on Early Christology