For Evangelicals, Catholics = Bad, Orthodox ≠ Catholics, so…? (Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics)

Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics is a much needed book; however, after several powerful essays, I arrive at two essays


Did Luther Inspire Pre-Marx Marxism? Talk about Getting the Reformation Wrong…

Actually, no…. but then again, had those peasants read Payton’s book, they wouldn’t have revolted… or at least not blamed


Review: Getting the Reformation Wrong

James Payton presents both a history lesson and a moral lesson in attempting to right those who ‘get the Reformation


Quote of the Day: Righting the Wronging of the Reformation

In speaking of Scripture as used by the Reformers, Payton writes, The written Word of revelation communicates God’s wrath against


Scholasticism – Are we Wronging the Reformation here?

I’m still reading through ]]’s book, ]], and something struck me today – especially given my personal choice of scholasticism


Quote of the Day – Proper Behavior of Theologians

Name-calling and crude denunciations were vices to which no genuine Christian theologian dared stoop. Disputations raised only ire and produced


Are we due for another Reformation?

The first few chapters of this book deals with the cultural situation leading up to the break through by Martin