The Dr. James McGrath vs. david fitzgerald

First, the biting humor – In his talk, Fitzgerald says that if you don’t like the talk, you won’t like


Is Dr. James McGrath a heretic?

Now I don’t ask this question lightly… but here is the evidence Doug Mangum has begun a contest to see


Quote of the Day: Penance

One reason I engage in some of the conversations I do is as penance for having previously been on the


Dr. James McGrath, again, on the Resemblance Between Mythicism And Creationism

In responding to a rather juvenile post by Neil G., Dr. McGrath again steps into the water and wades out

Society and Religion

The Mandaean Book of John, New Blog and Great News

Dr. James McGrath, and a collaborator, has been awarded a grant to translated the Book of John (the Baptist, not


More Mythicist Tripe

It seems that when one seeks to totally obliterate his or her former belief system, they simply replace one stern

Society and Religion

The Christians of St. John – Mandaeans

Professor James McGrath posted a link to a video about rare languages spoken in New York. He is asking for


Quote of the Day: McGrath on the Historical Jesus

And if there is an authentic saying of Jesus, or action by him, or he was crucified, then he existed,