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Walking a line that is not so fine on Israel

As one who has no problem going controversial, I find that this topic is something I stress about with finding

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Joseph Farah on what makes one a Christian @JosephFarah

I had many, many problems with Ron Paul. I do believe that Ron Paul is hardly a friend to Israel

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#Israel calls out the #NRA for lying

Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry told the NY Daily News that NRA head Wayne LaPierre was lying

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I would not look to Israel as an example during this time of crisis

Saw this on Facebook Funny thing… First, Israel live in a constant state of war. Second, Israel is pretty darn


1st Maccabees – The Stand – Repost 2012

Image via Wikipedia This is a repost, as are the other ones from Hanukkah. This one has been amended, however,

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replacement theology or something..

So, recently in NZ a well known (supposedly) replacement theologian, Stephen Sizer came and spoke at Laidlaw College ( The

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Oh come on, Israel… really?

Jim posted something to do that I thought was a little odd, but then I found this story: Tel Aviv

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Israel set to decide U.S. Presidential Election

What? How is that possible… well… Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling early elections so that he and his