Religion and Politics

Listen to ISIS’s Story – the one where they behead children

I have thus far attempted to focus on local issues on this blog, but… I am not a pacifist. I

Religion and Politics

The Law of unintended consequences in Iraq – A tough question for Christians

Read Dr. Jim West, here: I believe that one can make a fair case that Bush’s war in Iraq brought


Fourth Century Church found in Iraq?

Erica Hunter, a professor of early Christianity at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, says historical evidence shows that

Religion and Politics

Quote of the Day, maybe the month, the Real Cost of War

We are wasting $700 million a day to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while our teachers, firefighters


Thoughts on War in the Bible and Terrorism in the 21st Century, Essay 5

For an introduction to the series, see here. ]] writes the fifth essay in this book, an essay which is


The Wickedness of War [CHRISTIAN REVIEW 1838]

War and Peace: May the God of Peace or War be with you?