The Doubt that revealed the Truth

There is a good thing about doubt – it allows God to reveal the Truth to us. Now in the


Book Review: Rachel's Tears – Still Gripping Ten Years Later

Rachel’s Tears, written by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott with Steve Rabey, is about a typical teenage girl who was

Church History

John Chrysostom on Grief

Recently, I was saddened to learn that my step-brother and his wife had lost their child, still born. For them,

Church History

John Chrysostom on the chains of sin

For no one of those who have not done away with their sins here, when he has departed thither shall

Church History

For the Christians are distinguished from other men – The Epistle to Diognetus

It has been speculated that the writer of this Epistle was Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna. I am not sure it


Guilt and Grief

I work in the Coal Industry, in the safety aspect of it, and I have seen instances of those in

Church History

John Chrysostom on the beauty of the Scriptures

Yes, for a word from the divine Scriptures, made to sound in the ear, does more than fire soften the


Reason Enough…

I was thinking…what is the reason that you (and I) believe in God? Is it because of signs and wonder?