John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom’s Christmas Homily

Image via Wikipedia I have come to admire the Golden Mouth, John Chrysostom, from a homiletic standpoint as well as

Melito of Sardis

Melito of Sardis – Deliverance of Mankind through Christ

In studying Melito of Sardis, I happened upon his preaching on the Passover (which I am reposting for this Easter).


Easter with Melito – Typology in the Old Testament concerning Christ

This week, I am going back through my old posts on Melito of Sardis. So, here we go, a bit


Is the Pope Wrong about the Bible?

So no proof texting? The Scriptures are the word of God… inspired? Absolute Truth? When did the Pope become Protestant…?


Books Mentioned and Used, But Not Found, In The Bible

One of the things we must deal with concerning Textual Criticism is that God has inspired books currently not found


Friday’s Question of the Day: How do you know Esther belongs in the Canon?

“How do you know that the Book of Esther is the inspired Word of God and belongs in the canon


Canon vs. Scripture

Damian crafts and argument, then writes


Acts 8 – Scriptures over Miracles

Humanity, as a whole, seeks things larger then themselves. Those professing the name of Christ seek evidence of God supernaturally