Christmas with St. Augustine

Image via Wikipedia This is and excerpt from a sermon by St. Augustine (Sermo 185: PL 38, 997-999) on the

John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom’s Christmas Homily

Image via Wikipedia I have come to admire the Golden Mouth, John Chrysostom, from a homiletic standpoint as well as


D.M. Baillie – The Need to Study the Historical Jesus

Recently, I found Baillie’s monumental book on Christology and while flipping through it, I’ve found several interesting quotes that I


D.M. Baillie – Theology of Christology

Last night at our congregation’s charge conference (i.e., business meeting), I discovered a book on one of the lamp stands


Incarnational Fulfillment of the Prophets – A Conversation (Repost)

Rob Reid and Paula Fether have burst unto the scene, or seen?, with a conversation concerning prophecies. He would: “like


Historical Critical Interpretation Reveals Christian Distortion of the Old Testament?

Oh, this is just too rich – Gerd Lüdemann has an op-ed at The Bible and Interpretation website pointing out

Bible Translation

Defending the Deity of Christ with the New Living Translation (NLT)

This week, we are examining key Christian doctrines with the New Living Translation. The most important doctrine of all is


Review: Incarnation, The Person and Life of Christ

I would like to thank IVP-Academic for this review copy of Thomas F. Torrance’s work on the Incarnation, which is