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Australia is the best nation in the world.

I am an Australian. I love my nation. And I think Australia is the best nation in the world.  I

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The Lake of Fire Will Consume Jim West With the Rest of the Double-Minded

Jim West is evil … very, very evil … verily. In Jim’s most recent tirade, he has called into question

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Where Will the Anti-Catholicism of Jim and Jeremiah End?

Jim cites Jeremiah approvingly as saying: Can you really call yourself #1 when it takes half a dozen people and


Funny Video on Baptism

Sorry, my Protestant brethren, you can’t roast me on this one (at least not for being Catholic).  It’s a Lutheran

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Do you know anyone who has failed a dissertation defense?

I’m just trying to calculate my statistical chances here.  Since my defense is in 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!! From what I’ve