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country music and the bible – Ecclesiastes and “Are the Good Times Really Over For Good?”

Except for the last part of the book, which is clearly added…

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The 3rd law of theology

HT to KC

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nominations for oddest Contemporary Christian music… #Godspot

I remember hearing this when it came out and then after a long separation, hearing it again. It got…odder…as I

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A newly discovered audio of Bultmann


You were meant to read this post

Via the Twitters…

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Biblical books and Country music, part 1 – Esther

I was sitting in my car listening to Sirius 58 (Prime Country) when Reba’s “Fancy” came on. I have come

United Methodist Church

a Modest Middle Way Proposal for #UMCSchism #frivolousfriday

It’s been a rather long week in the forums – what with the 80 reduced to 79, unity covenants going

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Docetists and Atheists have the same goal

They both want no body in the Church. *with apologies to my atheistic friends.