The Atheist holds the Humanist Hostage

A hypocrite wears a halo but hides mockery in his heart. Ambrose Bierce defines hypocrisy as “one who, professing virtues


Atheism and antihumanism as intellectual-historical objects

I begin this post by posing straightaway the questions that will guide my argument. In what way can atheism and


Atheism and Humanist Values

There is nothing inherently “humanistic” about atheism, and some forms of militant atheism–the outwardly obnoxious, deliberately offensive kind now primarily

John Chrysostom

Chrysostom on Human Reasoning

Thus it is blasphemy to search into divine things by our own reasonings. For what have human reasonings in common


Two Books On Religion, even one by and Atheist

First, from here: After a spate of atheist-authored books decrying religion, along comes the contrarian An Atheist Defends Religion: Why

Religion and Politics

Jeremiah 29 – The exile is not ended.

via Jeremiah 29 – The exile is not ended. « …are you pondering what I’m pondering?. The above blog has


Examining Michael Servetus – Pt1

In attempting to develop a full understanding of Modalistic Theology of the Godhead, I am constantly directed towards Michael Servetus.