But, Jim, this is not “twitter theology” but Catholic, and dare I say, biblical theology #WWCZD?

Hasn’t Jim read the bible? Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” From that hour the disciple took


To Save Protestantism, should we turn to… Mary?

Continuing with a post(al) thought from yesterday, I am reminded that many Reformers allowed for Mary’s place in Christian theology.


Why me, Lord?

Dr. Cargill has responded to the current string of posts regarding the dismissal of Scholarship based on the (non/lack of,


Would Zwingli have approved of my view of Mark, Matthew, and Stoicism?

Zwingli was one of the greatest minds of the Reformation, no doubt. There may be cause to disagree with him

Church History

John Howard Yoder on Zwingli’s Pacifism (Kinda)

There are a lot of dilettantes and pseudo-theologians from the Reformed Tradition who have argued online and in their publications


Big difference, Jim – Baptizing Infants

Jim asks, What’s The Difference Between Baptizing the Dead and Baptizing Infants? Baptizing the dead means that you are speaking for


Zwingli – The 16th Century Rob Bell?

I think Bell’s questions are fair, as they reflect the rather glib approach to these matters that too many evangelicals


Zwingli, Reformation Preaching, Genealogy in Matthew and the Catholic Church

I am currently reading this book for my NT class (one of several books, actually). We are discussing Matthew at