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Can we Rescue the Perishing – The Family/Children of God

I was watching MSNBC last night and caught a glimpse of a show entitled Cult Killer, concerning The Family, or


Thoughts on a Saturday Evening: Songs of the Redeemed

Isaiah is a book that has given us many prophecies concerning Christ, the Church, and the Gentiles that would join

Church History

John Chrysostom on Grief

Recently, I was saddened to learn that my step-brother and his wife had lost their child, still born. For them,

Church History

John Chrysostom on Righteousness

In that we fulfill the whole law; and to express this He said, all righteousness. For righteousness is the fulfilling

Church History

For the Christians are distinguished from other men – The Epistle to Diognetus

It has been speculated that the writer of this Epistle was Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna. I am not sure it


Guilt and Grief

I work in the Coal Industry, in the safety aspect of it, and I have seen instances of those in


Reason Enough…

I was thinking…what is the reason that you (and I) believe in God? Is it because of signs and wonder?


From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 15.11-20

Do not say, “Because of the Lord I left the right way”; for he will not do what he hates.