Review: The Historiographical Jesus

From Amazon: The Historiographical Jesus introduces a new theory and approach for studying the life of Jesus. Anthony Le Donne


Bultmann On the Historical Jesus

Came across this quote while read The Historiographical Jesus,


Torrance on Bultmann (1)

Rudolf Bultmann is very much the founder historical criticism of the bible, adding much to the works of those who


Review: Incarnation, The Person and Life of Christ

I would like to thank IVP-Academic for this review copy of Thomas F. Torrance’s work on the Incarnation, which is


Torrance on the Historical Jesus

I am currently reading through Thomas F. Torrance’s work on the Incarnation, which is comprised primarily of lectures given over


In the Mail: I Think Someone Reads my Blog Edition

I walked up my 157.3 steps this afternoon (is it Friday yet?) and found these two books sitting at by

Dead Sea Scrolls

Just in Time for Easter – Who was the real Jesus?

No matter the holiday, at least the Christian ones, our ‘educational’ channels which we pay for as consumers, like to