Thomas Brodie(‘s Work) should be married to Le Donne and Keith

James McGrath has a post up responding to recent posts in response to his review of ]]’s recent memoir recounting


Is the earliest hymn an apologetic excuse?

We know the familiar hymn found embedded in Paul’s Dio Chrysostom-like-letter to the Philippians, who, although He existed in the


What if Jesus was Real

That’s a difficult question for many to read. It could mean, possibly, this author believes Jesus was not real or

Gospel Criticism

Two Generations or Five years?

James McGrath has a post up detailing some interesting posts on mythicism. He points to an article by ]]. Komarnitsky


What does Joseph Atwill, Ralph Ellis, and mythicists have in common?

They are nuts. Every last one of them. They have hatched, in one way or another, some various scheme to

Other Posts

Mark Goodacre V. Richard Carrier

Dr. Mark Goodacre shares with us a recent program he was featured on. Give it a listen. Unbelievable? Did Jesus


Who cares about Fantasy Football… We have Fantasy Jesus Teams

The question is simple… What two living scholars would you like to see on a Historical Jesus studies team? You


Anthony Le Donne – Jesus and Bill Clinton

I’m sure it happens all the time, but… no, wait, it does not. However, when it does, it is pretty