Gospel Criticism

science approaches the way memory changes

Memory research is interesting exactly because of the way we remember things – even the way we remember the remembrances


Another Blatantly False Notion of Historical Criticism

In the mind of author James Carroll, on the other hand, the book of Daniel was “anonymously composed during the


Marv, I hope Jim gives you a Dilly – A fundamentalist’s view of Historical Criticism

By far, this is the among the stupidist view of historical criticism that I’ve read. “Mary had a little lamb”


Jim West on Historical Criticism and Theological Exegesis

This is pretty easy, actually. I think that we have to have critical analysis of the text in order to

Social Memory Criticism

Why a Synchronic Jesus should be a Topic of Historical Criticism

Anthony Le Donne has written an article which you might find interesting,


Review: The Historiographical Jesus

From Amazon: The Historiographical Jesus introduces a new theory and approach for studying the life of Jesus. Anthony Le Donne


Historical Critical Interpretation Reveals Christian Distortion of the Old Testament?

Oh, this is just too rich – Gerd Lüdemann has an op-ed at The Bible and Interpretation website pointing out


What Is Birthed When God Isn’t Presupposed

Found an excellent quote this past week: “Refusing to presuppose the sovereign God revealed in the Bible as the source