The Subtle Heresy of William Lane Craig and Why It Matters

This is another rather lengthy post, whereby I seek to clarify the orthodox Christological position of dyothelitism against the heretical


Roger E. Olson on the “minor heresy” of universalism

I think universalism is a minor heresy SO LONG AS it does not interfere with evangelism. (See my earlier post


Alister McGrath: ‘Heresy’

I recently picked up a copy of Alister McGrath’s Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth. Alister McGrath is, hands


What To Do With Romans?

Apparently we are to burn it. File this under “Internet Cracks”…or “Very, Very Bad Hermeneutics”. I couldn’t make this stuff


Trash: The Christ of Arminianism

I something float by on Facebook and it made me sick. Built only on man’s thoughts, it attacks Christ –

Vincent of Lerins

Vincent of Lerins – Why the Church decides the Interpretation of Scripture

I was first made familiar of Vincent of Lerins through the use of the Orthodox Study Bible, finding him to

Ignatius of Antioch

Ignatius of Antioch on the Building of God

Nevertheless, I have heard of some who have passed on from this to you, having false doctrine, whom ye did


Heresy and Salvation – Join the Conversation

I saw this post this past week, found myself in general agreement and moved on: