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The Trouble with Pastors…

The trouble with Pastors are


Time with Nehemiah – Subterfuge and Completion

Nehemiah was fresh off the conflict from within the City, now he had to face the conflict from without. As


Time with Nehemiah – Undoing God's Redemption

Really, if you think about it, most projects, church or otherwise, comes down to money. The same was true of


Time with Nehemiah – Reality Sets In

Nehemiah’s work was going well, the wall was built up half-way it’s needed height all around the city. The people


Time with Nehemiah – The Rebuilding

Nehemiah was ready to build, and did so in a divine rhythm. He started with the Sheep Gate, the place


Time with Nehemiah – A Prayer to the God of Heaven

Just when you thought everything was going to be easy – Nehemiah went to the King, the most powerful king


Time with Nehemiah – His 1st Prayer

The Book of Nehemiah, considered a part of Ezra, really, is a tremendous book for the ministry minded. It reminds

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My Weekend

Is it Monday already? Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, my friends, and the lack of discussion from