Review, @Zondervan’s “Four Views on Hell (2nd Ed)”

Such a hot book… Hell. It is a perennial topic discussed by those¬†who may use it as a fear tactic


What Happens When An Emergent Christian Writer Meets Postcolonialism?

An epic clash that ends in an apology, no thanks to his derailing, oh and lots of laughs!


John Paul II on Hell

This is interesting from JPII. “Eternal damnation”, therefore, is not attributed to God’s initiative because in his merciful love he

Church History

The History of Hell

Thanks to John for this link. It includes some very early views of hell among prominent Christians… Hell, like other


Jews… don’t believe in Hell… Um… but what about the Old Testament?

Despite hundreds, if not thousands, of kabbalistic texts addressing hell, including the short tractates of Gehinnom and Hibut Ha’Kever (the


Torment In Enoch (1)

This is not meant to be all encompassing, but some of the passages in Enoch which allude to our notion

John Wesley

John Wesley on not sending the atheist and the Muslim to hell, but the Christian

From Sermon 125: From hence we may clearly perceive the wide difference there is between Christianity and morality. Indeed nothing

John Wesley

Wesley on the Company of Hell

1. And, First, consider the company wherewith everyone is surrounded in that place of torment. It is not uncommon to