The Curse of Canaan? Why Africa is Like it Is

Jason had posted on this belief found among many – white and black – that the reason that Africa is


Question of the Day: What Constitutes Hate?

What constitutes hate speech? God hates fags Queerness is a sin Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

Church History

Thought for the Day: I hate those who are different from me

From the Didache (early 2nd century), Chapter 1.


Is this your presentation of Calvinism?

During the course of biblioblogging, I have met some real fine Reformed people. I am almost persuaded to explore Calvinism


A Quote for Saturday

“ Life without love is death. To love is to be in the light; to hate is to remain in

Society and Religion

Holy Hate

Winston-Salem Chronicle – Holy Hate.