20th century reading reveals super-secret details of the life of an allegorical novella

By now, you’ve read that Simcha Jacobovici  and Barrie Wilson are publishing a new book along with a new documentary

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Is Simcha having a break down?

Simcha begins his latest rant – not, it is really not even organized well enough to be called a rant

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Karen L. King has doubts about the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife?

A Harvard historian admitted recently that she “absolutely” has doubts about the authenticity of the ancient papyrus fragment that she

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Jon Stewart on The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

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The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife – A fake

Dr. Goodacre has an article from Dr. Francis Watson that you need to read: NT Blog: The Gospel of Jesus’

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Oh Simcha… so many sharks, so many jumps

….Now all that has changed. From the most conservative academic quarters, Professor Karen King and the Harvard Divinity School (unofficially

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@b0yle does a bang up job on ACTUALLY REPORTING on the wife of Jesus idiocy

First, check out his article here. A couple of points I’d like to express. First, Boyle sorta misses the boat