Are YE Creationists the only ones to take the bible seriously?

Image via Wikipedia I beg to differ with my friend Tony Breeden. Now, I’ve met Tony¬† several times, and he


The Two Accounts of Creation in Genesis – Bibliobloggers Arise!

Cover via Amazon Seems that Creationism is making the rounds again. First, check out summaries of latest posts here and


Targumming (I guess) Creation and Hebrew and other stuff

Dr. Chris Brady has a post up about the uses of Hebrew in Genesis 1. It caught my eye because


The Creation Story is Liturgy?

As of late, my contention that the Creation story is more theological than scientific, okay – completely theological, but there


John Walton Lecture Videos

Here are some lectures given by Walton in the past

Bible Translation

Translating Genesis 1:1: Aristotle or the Big Bang?

Dr. Gayle informs us: Dr. Hugh Henry and Mr. Daniel J. Dyke, respectively a retired physicist and a professor of


The Bible and Interpretation – John Walton on Genesis 1

It is my belief that when we read Genesis 1 as the ancient piece of literature that it is, we


Augustine on Genesis One

In light of my recent attempt to examine interpretations of Genesis One in Second Temple Judaism, I thought that I