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the Treaty of Tripoli and some wise Orthodox words

 People are struggling with the Supreme Court decision yesterday. Many Christians who support it are not showing the grace Scripture

United Methodist Church

More on #UMC fraudulent marriage in West Virginia

This is from a previous discussion. Dave is raising some good points, but I want to point out a few

Religion and Politics

Bottum’s up on Conservative Catholic support of equal marriage

Well, isn’t this something… “And if,” Mr. Bottum writes, “heterosexual monogamy so lacks the old, enchanted metaphysical foundation that it

Religion and Politics

Your logical fallacy of the day – Appeal to/Argument from authority

Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S. Person A makes claim C about subject S. Therefore,

Religion and Politics

Why do we have to bring facts up in the gay marriage debate? They never help

As academic biblical scholars, we wish to clarify that the biblical texts do not support the frequent claim that marriage

Religion and Politics

The United States is…

The discussion on Jim’s post is generating some decent stuff. Unfortunately, I cannot let one thing go by. Jim is

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Did Jesus really affirm heterosexual marriage?

I saw this floating by on Facebook and laughed and laughed. The is a rather silly thing, ain’t it? First,

Society and Religion

Catholic Historian argues for(ish) Gay Marriage using Vatican II

When the subject of Christian marriage was taken up by the bishops at the Second Vatican Council in its document