A New Translation of the Heidelberg?

Awesomely Author ]], a Presbyterian  but we will not hold that against him, writes, Really, I long for the steps toward

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And the winner is… @ivpress @garynealhansen

First, I want to thank Dr. Hansen for his interview. And the winner is… The rules – contact me and


Interview with @GaryNealHansen, author of Kneeling with Giants @ivpress

Dr. Hansen, thank you for agreeing to do this blog-aview.  Thank you for the invitation, Joel–I’m honored.  And you can


Video Book Recommendation – @garynealhansen, Kneeling with Giants – @ivpress


Interview Announcement: Kneeling with Giants

This is sorta report… But I am getting ready for the blog-aview, bloggerview? I dunno… anyway, Dr. Hanson has graciously