What is the ‘root of fundamentalism’?

I think many of us have been saying the same thing for a while…. I’ve seen conversion to fundamentalism when


Quote of the Day – The Attraction to fundamentalism

“Quite a few people are attracted to fundamentalist groups of all stripes because many people don’t like to live with


Does Fundamentalism need redefined? Can it?

I’m not sure if Phelps and others would like this guy messing with their Jesus: ….By the end of his


Inherently Violent

It started here. Christian liked the post. Jim wouldn’t. Jason didn’t like Jim’s response. Let me say it like this.


In the Mail: Two Books for the Road Ahead

I’m been informed by that I will be receiving for review from the publisher Thom Stark‘s newest book, The Human


Question of the Day: Strangest Belief

Early this week, Jason posted a series of beliefs by a supposed fundamentalist site (Poe’s Law), but to be honest,

Christian Education

Anti-Intellectualism in the Church

I wrote this post in the first year of my blog, and it has become important to me now to


The King James Version has made the Greek Obsolete

In this post, I just found out that a KJVO Bible college has just made it public that they will