Christian Education

DRAFT: Lit. Review, Science Modeling Attitudes

This is a rough draft of a required Literature Review (pdf) for one of my classes. The subject is near and


the progressive fundamentalist

Recently, because of a shared post on FB and my recent post on Rob Bell (1 that was critical v.


The struggle against extremism.

I am known as “decisively moderate”. This is a very difficult hat to wear in the “bible belt”, where the


The most dangerous thing to give a fundamentalist

Is books…


Pox on the flavour of Christianity.

Note: This is a departure from my normal genre of writing, and is in the format of a rant or


For Discussion… Fundamentalists have no interest in history

Fundamentalists have no interest in history, culture or social or linguistic differences. They are a remarkably uncurious, self-satisfied group. Anything

Old Testament

God (Doesn’t) Win?: 2nd Kings 3:27

If I was a Classical Theist, who believed in the traditional (let’s face it, imperial notions) of divine omnipotence and


What are your False fundamentals?

I am convinced that what drives most people away from Christianity is not the cost of discipleship but rather the