St. Symeon the New Theologian

the emergence of the soul’s freedom

Would you believe that every now and then I get into an argument on Facebook? And the more so when

John Wesley

how close does Wesley come to Calvinism? (Free Will)

Although these minutes are not part of the doctrinal standards of The United Methodist Church, reading them can be helpful


St. Bonaventure on what comes with being in “the image of God”

Now, the loftiness of power requires that there be produced creatures that are not only traces, but also images; creatures not


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Via the Twitters…


The Moral Responsibility in Determinism?

At a men’s discussion group I get to participate in every now and then, we have started to hammer out


More science against the notion of Free Will

Recently, I’ve been involved in several discussions related to Free Will and the such. I do not hold to Free


Free Will, Determinism, or Compatibilism? (POLL)

Just wanted to get a flavor of where you are at:  


What is Relational Theology?

I know Joel likes it being a Wesleyan and all. I did a book review: Relational Theology: A contemporary introduction