Engaging “Preaching” (Fred Craddock) Part III – The Audience

This will have to be my final post on this subject. I will, of course, post the sermon on Monday.


Engaging “Preaching” (Fred Craddock) Part II (Theology of Preaching)

This week did not turn out like I expected. Sandy blew in and I experienced a power outage. It was


Engaging Preaching (Fred Craddock) – Part I

As a side note – it has been a very long time since I posted to the category of Sermon


Is Fred Craddock a Farrerian?

In one section, of the book, on interpreting the Text, Craddock suggests this: The Evangelists preserved and interpreted sayings and


1 Thessalonians 2 – Paul and Fred Craddock

I’m reading ]]’s book, Preaching, for a class on, well, preaching. In it, it notes – while avoiding the Augustine


When the Roll is Called Down here? – Fred Craddock

Based on Romans 16, Fred Craddock turns a boring list into a very, very important sermon fcraddock_romans16.mp3 If you cannot