Frank Houston on being Pentecostal

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We hold the main tenets of faith in God and believe speaking in tongues is a supernatural gift of God. Charismatics are taking the church back to real raw Christianity like it was in the first century AD. Some mainstream churches like us and others despise us. Some are jealous of our growth while others disagree with us theologically. They think we are deceived about speaking in tongues and are over-emotional in our services. We answer that we are emotional beings and we simply carry that into our services.

Frank Houston, Sydney Christian Life Centre. The Sun-Herald, 21 February 1988.

What he said in defending his church was commendable. As noted in one of the articles below, Frank Houston was disgraced when he admitted to being a pedophile. How important a figure he is, is I think questionable, knowing what he confessed to.

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