So, @pastormark is writing for #foxnews now

I sorta think this defines ‘echo chamber,’ don’t you?

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Yes, the Fox “News” “Interview” with Reza Aslan is laughable, but

shameless plug… my book speaks about this somewhat, but using actual documents and historical evidences. I do not arrive at

Religion and Politics

hey – about that fair and balanced thing Fox News keeps promising…

The jobs numbers came out this morning. This is how Fox broke the news to their viewers… This is how

Religion and Politics

Would Fox News Lie and Play up the ‘Christ’ Card about Campus Crusade for Christ?

Surely not, you say, but surely, I say, they did. First, their story, entitled, Campus Ministry Drops ‘Christ’ From Name.

Religion and Politics

Maybe if Rupert Murdoch was a Methodist, we wouldn’t have Fox News

Instead, Rick Warren claims him, his wife is a Catholic, and he is a Papal Knight of the Order of