Did God evolve?

Religious belief is very common in Homo sapiens, with almost all cultures having some kind of supernatural belief that is important to their sense of identity, although that’s about the only unifying characteristic of these ideas. Within the spectrum of human society is a similarly broad spectrum of religious beliefs. These range from the simple “animal spirits” who are responsible for the unexplained (but not much else) to a “High” or “King” God who takes an active role in the world, dictating morals of a people he created.

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The study is interesting. I’m saving this for later, for if you get a chance, let me know what you think.

No, that’s not evolution, Rory

According to modern science textbooks, life with intact DNA spontaneously arose from non-life long ago in a chemical ‘prebiotic soup’, and then gradually evolve into higher life forms, with living cells becoming plants, worms, clams, insects, reptiles, fish, birds, apes and man according to random chance and ‘natural selection’.

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No… that’s not what happened….

Say… I’m busy, but how many more mistakes can you find…

Tennessee just affirmed their belief in the theory of evolution


Spurred by a classroom demonstration involving a sex toy, Tennessee recently enacted a pro-abstinence sex education law that is among the strictest in the nation.

The most debated section of the bill bars educators from promoting “gateway sexual activity.” But supporters seemed too squeamish during floor debate to specify what that meant, so critics soon labeled it the “no holding-hands bill.” (here) (ht)

That’s right – they have affirmed that they believe taht appendages can assist in sexual reproduction.

What do you mean, Joel?

Well, for starters, whales (mammals, like humans you know) have been found with leg bones that scientists have determined aided in sexual reproduction but have since given way to evolutionary advancement. So, since Tennessee believes that by limiting hand-holding they will prevent the largest teen-pregnancy rate in the country to continue, then they must be affirming that sexual reproduction can happen through limbs, like whales did… on the Discovery Channel.

(If evolution means evolving past sex, I’ll remain a monkey thank you very much)

Evolution still ongoing?

Natural selection was alive and well in all of the villages the researchers surveyed. Almost half of the people died before age 15, for example, suggesting that they had traits disfavored by natural selection, such as susceptibility to disease. As a result, they contributed none of their genes to the next generation. Of those that made it through childhood, 20% did not get married and had no children, again suggesting that some traits prevented individuals from obtaining mates and passing on their genes to the next generation.

The Finns were also subject to sexual selection, in that men who were able to attract new mates had more offspring. With one partner, the average was about five children; with four partners, that jumped to 7.5, Courtiol notes. Men benefited more than women in terms of begetting more children, most likely because they tended to remarry young women with good child-bearing potential. Thus sexual selection was more important in men than in women.

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I’m cool with evolution. Honestly… but I’m not sure I would say that this points fully to an ongoing evolution.

Plus, look at the Tea Party.

Why Evolutionary Science has finally jumped the Shark. Canada? Really?

The Canadian Rockies are reflected on Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. Paleontologists have traced the origins of humans and other vertebrates to a worm that swam in the oceans half a billion years ago, said a study. A new analysis of fossils unearthed in the Canadian Rockies determined that the extinct Pikaia gracilens is the most primitive known member of the chordate family.

Human origins traced to worm fossil in Canada.

Well, I guess if you have to tie something dealing with evolution to Canada, it’s best to use a worm…