The Evangelical Narrative is not the Gospel

Evangelicals tend to be the least likely category for embracing evolution, and here’s why: The acceptance of evolution and potential


There has never been any real evidence for evolution – no ‘caught in the act’ evidence

Well… until now… Scientists have caught the process of evolution in action as a species of Australian lizard abandons egg-laying


Quotes by Theodosius Dobzhansky

Who was this guy? Well, for one, he was a scientist. And a believer. I know, right. How completely odd.


Creation ‘Science’ Proves Evolution

Guess what? Seems that Creation Scientists are proving evolution, or that the very least, disproving Creation Science. Matt Walker writes,


Were the first homos Caucasian?

I mean, the first homo erectus. So posits new Archaeological Finds in Dmanisi, Georgia: (here as well) The site of

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The Evolution of Humanity

Thanks to George, via Facebook.

John Wesley

Peter Enns, Wesley and Evolution

First, Dr. Enns is an excellent resource. Second, John Wesley came straight from the Apostles. He is tackling a broad


Religious belief is human nature and it ain’t going nowhere!

The project cost something like 4 million bucks to tell us something else we already know – Religion comes naturally,