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Early Christian doctrine of Vicarius Christi – but… but…

“For we, brethren, receive both Peter and the other apostles as Christ; but we reject intelligently the writings falsely ascribed

Fourth Century

Scratch Pad One: Effects of Constantine

Image via Wikipedia I have to submit a paper tomorrow for a class on Church history. The topics are two

Church History

Eusebian Canon – Revelation Almost Didn’t Make it…

I’m on a kick about the book of Revelation – It almost didn’t make it, which explains why (first) so

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Marcellus’ Fight

Continuing our look at the 4th Century and doctrinal development.

Fourth Century

Fragments of a letter of Eusebius of Caesarea to Euphration of Balanea

The Fourth Century Website is back up! And from them, we examine the next letter in the Arian series. It

Church History

Creeds: Eusebius of Caesarea

We continue our discussion of creeds with “Eusebius, Bishop of Cæsarea, in Palestine (d. 340), the Church historian, the friend