Benendict on the Flesh in Communion

This came up this past week, so I thought that this might be a way to further the conversation –


John Paul II – Emmaus and the Eucharist

I admit it, I am more Eucharist-centric than more Protestants, much to the chagrin of a few (okay, one) biblio/theo-bloggers,


Examining the NLT and the Lord’s Supper at Acts 2:42

This is only a statement of my viewpoint on Acts 2.42, especially in light of the NLT. I am, as

Church History

Moving On…to our first Communion

One of the things I miss about not ‘going to church’ is the corporate fellowship and the various yearly and

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr on the Eucharist

Doing a little study on this, for a reason, but found this interesting –


The Table of the Lord and the Names of Idols

Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. It is this cue from Paul which will lead us to Deuteronomy 12, in