When you come to the Communion Table, make sure you’ve left Egypt

In God’s covenant with Israel in the Torah, he provided the people with liberation, societal structure, laws and a calendar,


How long does the Real Presence last?

Catholic dogma is that during the Consecration at Mass the bread and wine become the the Real Presence of Jesus –


Michael Bird on the Eucharist

It is genuinely sad that this meal, which is meant to be a sign of unity within the church, has


Conversion to Catholicism because of the Eucharist

I suspect that some will have a lot to say about this later, but I found this story interesting (ht)


Does the Eucharist free us from egocentrism?

In the Eucharist, the Pope continued, we are “freed from egocentrism.” Through the sacrament, the faithful are united to their


The Bible as a Political Book?

So, let me put it this way, when others tell us not to participate in politics, they are expressing a


John Wesley 101 – The Duty of Constant Communion

I consider the Eucharist among the supreme of the Christian duties. 2. A Second reason why every Christian should do


Mark 9.38-41- For an Open Table at Communion?

The Eucharist Table at the United Methodist Church is an open table, meaning that those who wish to partake may