Review of “Esther and Her Elusive God: How a Secular Story Functions as Scripture”

How do you bring to bear a cross-disciplinary approach to a generally discarded book of Scripture, suddenly transforming it from

Society and Religion

I get it… @pastormark lives in a world where Scripture is soft porn, but do we have to respond to him?

First, Mark Driscoll complains about teaching about Esther… a woman whom he calls a whore, but delights in the fact


Friday’s Question of the Day: How do you know Esther belongs in the Canon?

“How do you know that the Book of Esther is the inspired Word of God and belongs in the canon

Old Testament

Esther as 'a tale of 2 feasts'

Jeff Lacine at 2 mites has an interesting post on Esther, which seems to be a small topic on the

Bible Translation

Uh? Did Esther really do that?

via Gender Bending in Esther 2 « Ketuvim: the Writings of James R. Getz Jr. I had to do a