Book Review of @Energion’s “Worshiping with Charles Darwin”

There are a few names unmentionable, at least in the positive sense, from the Christian pulpit. One of them, if

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Notes from the Otherside (Ep1) – The Variety of Voices in From Fear to Faith @energion

A short video on the above topic. I guess I just wanted to do something different than writing the post.


Interview with @Energion Author, Rev. Shauna M. Hyde

I’ve had this for a bit, but just now put it together. Shauna is pretty darn awesome, if you ask

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@Energion Roundtable Question 5: Libya

Do you approve or disapprove of President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s responses to the violence in Egypt and Libya and

Religion and Politics

Energion Roundtable: Capital Gains Tax

I’m a little late to the conversation, but I wanted to get this quickly out. I’ve been thinking about the


Review: Creation in Scripture @energion

The space that this book occupies on the shelf is not enough to fully define the value of it in


Review: From Inspiration to Understanding: Reading the Bible Seriously and Faithfully @energion

Having struggled with the issue of inerrancy for several years before moving into a more secure belief of inspiration, I


Thank God for Edward W.H. Vick @energion

Vick writes, regarding the authority of Scripture – Authority which has to be demonstrated and then attributed to the Bible