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No doubt

Dr. Cargill has posted a final(ish?) reflection about the Emmanuel Seminary fiasco. Well worth your read.

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Call for Letters in Support of Christopher Rollston @huffpostrelig

Dr. Cargill has something to announce: I’d like to announce an open call for letters in support of Dr. Christopher

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Pau£ Blower$, Michae£ $weeney, and Emmanue£ €hristian $eminary

Dr. Cargill, Dr. Davila,  and Tom Verenna have given their say. I do not want to take away from their

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A Final Authority equals a Final Solution

Roger Pearse, who has written in a consistent to the right of Tony Perkins manner for a while now, has

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I believe I asked you a question, Paul

Blowers’ final response… Thanks to those of you who have presented well-reasoned or informed criticism. If you have connection with

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An open question to Paul Blowers

I posted this here… but I thought I would do so here. I mean the second here is my blog.

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More Blowing in the Wind – No one needs no stinkin’ Stone-Campbellite Heritage

This editorial “we” is very problematic, as it blurs the line between the “we” of the church, the “we” of

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Let’s see how long this comment lasts…

It says: Dr. Rollston told the truth in a very well researched and well-written article. He was then chastised for