Should Protestants disown Luther in an Ecumenical Dialogue?

There is something to be said about an ecumenical dialogue, but would it be ecumenical if one side had to


Leviticus as the Center of Jewish-Christian Interfaith Dialogue

Image via Wikipedia Part of the assignment in Old Testament class is to write a response to ]]’s article (warning,


More Reasons for an NLT Ecumenical Version

I’m nagging, I know, but… The Episcopal Church has turned to I Maccabees in it’s Daily Office as of today.


Examples from the New Living Translation’s Deuterocanon

Below are three less than random examples from the NLT’s Deuterocanon.


Psalm 151: A New Translation

A few years ago, when I taught a youth Sunday School class, I asked them to read Psalm 151 in


Thoughts on the NLT Catholic Reference Bible and a Request to Tyndale

As many of readers may suspect, I greatly enjoy the New Living Translation and I make use of the Deuterocanonical