John Wesley

Dear UMC: Please No New Denominations

Personal Note This is the first time I’m writing a blog post for Unsettled Christianity—or any blog post, for that


the Orthodox view of salvation v. protestantism

This is a great video. For (real) Wesleyans watching this, you’ll note the eery similarities in defining salvation: But in reality


The Synod of Jerusalem (1672) – The Orthodox view on #Calvinism

We believe the Divine and Sacred Scriptures to be God-taught; and, therefore, we ought to believe the same without doubting;


The Descension into Hades – The Orthodox Liturgical Response

Today Hades tearfully sighs: “Would that I had not received him who was born of Mary, for he came to


Book Announcement: @ivpacademic’s Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology

Amazon gives you but a snippet – With an estimated 250 million adherents, the Orthodox Church is the second largest

Religion and Politics

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew – Attempted assassination?

Turkey is investigating an alleged plot to assassinate Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, and has

Society and Religion

An Orthodox Exorcism

Thought this was interesting… The standard exorcism procedure is found in The Great Book of Needs ( Euchologion or Trebnik


Bishop Kallistos Ware on Christus Victor in Eastern Orthodoxy

I have the book – haven’t read it yet, but I will – by ]] which is the book to