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Views on Literal Translation and then Good Translations

Fellow Blogger Nick has posted a quote from Hillary of Poiters on translation:

Bible Translation

The Literalism of the New Living Translation – Luke 9.31

The criticisms leveled against the NLT are many, but the main one is the loss of ‘literalism’ – however, in


Review: God’s Word to the Nations

I want to thank the fine folks at Baker Publishing for this review copy. Price: Check Amazon ISBN: 978-0-8010-1342-3 ISBN-10:


My NLT has more miracles than your KJV

Joel has a great question, The KJV uses the word “miracle” (or “miracles”) less than 30 times. The ESV, only

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Examining God’s Word – Psalm 23

In my opinion, where the GWN shines is in translation of the Old Testament. I have highlighted the specific parts

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Examining God’s Word – Romans 5.1-11

This week, we are examining God’s Word Translation in regards to the a literal and a thought for thought translation.


Introducing God’s Word to the Nations

I would like to think the kind folks at BakerBooks for this review copy. As with any translation, you cannot

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Response to the Literal Approach Onlyist View in Biblical Translation

Paul Helm, a Professor of History and Religion, makes a statement: I take it that a literal translation has the