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Hell Must Exist for Such as These – Can Grace Overcome?

An Australian father confessed to killing his two-year-old daughter after posting “bout 2 kill ma kid” on Facebook, the Herald


Boethius on Total Depravity

How many are they, think you, who would think themselves raised to heaven if the smallest part of the remnants

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Undepravity – The Power of Half

With all the bad news in the world, I like to read something good every now and then, you know?

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Undepravity: Proper farewell for heroic homeless vet

I sincerely believe that we have the finest military in the world. Perhaps that is the American in me, but


Is Religion the Ultimate Milgram Experiment?

update (2015) – this post was included videos and┬áreferences┬áto those videos. The videos have been removed so I’ve replaced it


The Gospel, Depravity and Change

Recently, I have found James’ blog, and it has become a reward all of itself. In a post today, James