Religion and Politics

*political post: The Kucinich Plan

There was a reason that the founding fathers didn’t care much for a standing army, well, several… and one them


Question of the Day: Is there a biblical way to fix the debt ceiling crisis?

I know… a completely U.S. centered question…. until, you know, you realize what will happen when U.S. defaults. But, is

Religion and Politics

Why does Congress want religious leaders arrested?

I guess religion and religious leaders are good,as long as they agree with your side… A small group of religious

Religion and Politics

*political post: Boehner, and me, and you, and everyone else is being blackmailed by the Tea Party

You know most of my politics, no doubt, but I try to refrain from getting involved, via the blog, with

Religion and Politics

Pastor Rick Warren and the ‘the poor do not pay taxes’ bit

Seems Rick, who was almost forced into saying something negative about the Ugandian ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ last year was

Religion and Politics

Peter Kirk, David Wilkerson, the Tea Party, Sun-Tzu, and the Debt Ceiling

Peter Kirk connects a ‘prophecy’ from David Wilkerson to a British article on the expected End of the World brought

Religion and Politics

China just showed why Romans 13.8 is important

China, the biggest American foreign creditor with more than $1 trillion in Treasury debt as of March, called on the

Religion and Politics

My Brief Thoughts on the 14th Amendment and the Debt Ceiling

Allow me to issue some thoughts here without taking sides on the other issues. First, the 14th amendment is one